Saints Row IV Clear for Release in Australia!

It didn’t look very hopeful that Australian gamers would get a chance to pick up a couple of Volition’s next installment in the Saints Row series, but they will be now be able to join in the fun with a modified version that has been MA15+ classified by the Australian Classification Board.


An optional side mission has been removed to help the game stick to its new rating. The mission contained what could only be described as ‘alien narcotics’, which would improve the players superpowers within the game.

Another thing that the Australian board werent to happy about was the anal probe weapon, but this is still due to be available as part of the DLC in Australian for members of the season pass package.

Game publisher Deep Silver had this to say, “To achieve this rating one loyalty mission featuring the character Shaundi has been removed. This mission has been widely reported on and contains the use of alien narcotics to obtain certain superpowers. This mission represents approximately 20 minutes of gameplay out of the hours available to purchasers. The removal of this mission has no negative impact on the story or the superpowers and will not detract from the enjoyment players will get from their Saints Row IV experience.”

This isn’t the first time that a game has been altered for the Australian market, but unlike in other titles, such as Fallout 3 and State of Decay, where the developer’s made small changes to keep the board happy, it is unknown why Volition have decided to just remove the offending material.

Saints Row IV is scheleeld for release on August 20th in North America and August 23rd in Europe for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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