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The Growth of the Naughty Dog Franchise!

Franchises are becoming quite a common thing in todays video game industry, some of the most successful ones getting their number of titles up in to double figures. Franchises help us gamers get straight to the action as there isn’t as much need for background stories to set the scene, as we saw it first hand in previous titles. Also games in a franchise don’t just end, we are sometimes treated to a cliff hanger ending, which builds up suspense and gives us something to look forward to by way of the next outing. Many major game developers have at least one franchise in their gaming arsenal, which is sometimes there sole focus for many years, which can sometimes make the games become drawn out and fans may start to lose interest. One company that knows how to let a franchise run its course and then bow out on a high is Naughty Dog. Not only have they had 3 very successful franchises, they have all been the face of the consoles they were released on. Read the rest of this entry