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Rockstar ‘Sorry’ Over GTA Online Launch Problems!

After completing the main story of the massive action game Grand Theft Auto V a few days ago, I was eagerly¬†waiting for the launch of the online section of the game, so I could once again dive in to the exciting world of Los Santos, but due to a few teething problems with the title this hasn’t been entirely possible. Read the rest of this entry


Saints Row IV Clear for Release in Australia!

It didn’t look very hopeful that Australian gamers would get a chance to pick up a couple of Volition’s next installment in the Saints Row series, but they will be now be able to join in the fun with a modified version that has been MA15+ classified by the Australian Classification Board. Read the rest of this entry

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

Every since I was a young lad growing up in the outskirts of London I have always wanted to be an adventurer. Travelling around the country and helping passing strangers on the road or taking them of everything they own. Somedays I might fancy doing a spot of work to earn some extra pocket money, be it back breaking hours working the local fields or just beating up some thugs for a friendly shop keeper. The world was going to be my oyster………..that was until I took an arrow to the knee. Now I find the best place to live out these dreams is to jump in to the exciting world of the latest installment of The Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim. Read the rest of this entry